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How to Plan a Trip to Leh Ladakh – A Travel Guide

How to plan a trip to Leh Ladakh – A travel guide

Situated in the tranquil Trans-Himalayan region close to Jammu & Kashmir, Leh Ladakh is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India. Visiting beautiful monasteries, driving through high altitude mountain passes and camping beside the panoramic lakes are some of the highlights of the Leh Ladakh trip.

Ladakh is also known as “Little Tibet” because of the number of monasteries in the region with a large population of Tibetan Buddhists. Although a Leh Ladakh Tour Package for Couple has so much to offer, travellers often need to follow some precautions when entering this barren land with low oxygen levels and atmospheric conditions.

In this article, we’ll share some important tips that every tourist planning to visit Leh Ladakh must know. The most common questions related to the Leh Ladakh tour package are about permits, the best time to visit, what to do, etc.

When to visit Leh Ladakh

It is probably the most commonly asked question that comes to anyone’s mind before planning a trip. Due to heavy snowfall, the region remains cut off from other parts of India for several months in a year.

Generally, tourism begins between June and September. Your trip planning also depends on different factors like how you want to travel, budget restrictions, where you want to visit, etc.

How to Plan for Leh Ladakh Trip

Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is not a place where you can simply pack your bags and leave from home anytime you like. You have to understand that the region has harsh weather conditions and you need to plan the trip accordingly. The trip planning includes carrying the right types of clothes, along with all the essential items you require for a trip. Also, prepare or hire the right vehicle (bike or car) for making your trip memorable.

Is Leh Ladakh Safe?

You’ll be glad to know that Leh Ladakh is safe to travel. But you need to follow certain guidelines. Since the region is a high altitude desert, you can expect a lot of narrow, steep and dangerous roads. To reach Ladakh, you need to have some experience of driving in the hilly terrain. Don’t take the risk of driving to Leh Ladakh if you’ve just learned driving.

How long should be an ideal trip to Leh Ladakh?

It depends on where you’re coming from and the mode of travelling. However, the minimum 7 to 14 days of the Leh Ladakh trip is recommended for people who want to fully explore this place. You may even plan for less number of days, depending on how much time you have for a trip. Depending on how long or short you want your trip to be, you can choose your Leh Ladakh tour package.

Things to Carry

When travelling to Leh Ladakh, you need to carry all essentials with you – from basic winter clothes like thermals, woollen socks, jackets, fleece trousers, etc. to the first-aid kit and necessary medications that won’t be available to you during camping.

Things to See in Leh Ladakh

Chadar Trek

Every turn of the road would surprise you with natural wonders. And, you won’t ever get tired of capturing images of these beautiful regions for hours. You may visit the mesmerizing monasteries, temples and museums. Some major attractions in this region are Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace, Tso Moriri, Stok Kangri, Chadar and Markha Valley and more.

Activities to do in Leh Ladakh

There are so many fun activities to try in Leh Ladakh. Some popular tourist activities to do here are:

  1. Biking: There are some treacherous routes for adventure biking.
  2. Chadar Trek: It is one of the most popular treks or destinations in this region.
  3. Quad Biking: Quad biking in Nubra Valley is a thrilling experience to try with your friends.
  4. Rafting: You may try an adventurous rafting experience in Zanskar River amid the rusty mountains.

Permits for Leh Ladakh

This region lies in the India-China border and hence, every tourist needs a permit from the governing authorities to visit the region. The permit is not needed for visiting Leh city but the permit is compulsory if you want to visit areas close to military base camps or China border.


We hope you’re now clear about how to plan for a Leh Ladakh trip. From carrying the right type of clothes to choosing the right time of the year to visit these regions, one has to understand Leh Ladakh is not like any other region in India. Therefore, the requirements like special permits to visit this place are also different from other places in India.