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What You Need to Know When Travelling to Himachal Pradesh, India

travelling to Himachal Pradesh

Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Kullu, Kasol and more amazing destinations, Himachal Pradesh is a perfect state to plan honeymoons, family trips, group trips or a solo trip. Not just a winter vacation hub, Himachal is also popular among tourists for enjoying summer holidays in a peaceful and tranquil location.

Many people head to Himachal Pradesh as soon as the soaring heat of May and June approaches. However, before making a plan to visit here, you need to be aware of some important pointers to ensure your safe and hassle-free travel experience.

Here are the 11 important things that you must know before booking Full Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages:

Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh:-

Many domestic tourists prefer to visit Himachal Pradesh in the summer months to escape the heat in various regions of India. However, for snow-lovers, winter is indeed the best time to visit here. But heavy snowfall can lead to roadblocks in some regions. Even monsoon is a good time to explore the beauty of the Himachal. But during monsoon season, some parts of the state experience cloudbursts and landslides. Therefore, many tourists avoid visiting Himachal in raining season. With the best Himachal Pradesh Tour Packages you can enjoy your trip with your family and friends.

Check the Weather before Planning a Trip:-


You must check the weather forecast before deciding the travel dates, particularly if you’re planning a road trip. There are high chances of heavy rainfall and snowfall in the monsoon and winter season respectively. Therefore, you need to avoid hitting the road on the days of snowfall or rainfall when travelling to Himachal. This is because mountain roads often get blocked during these seasons and you may get stuck on the road. So, it’s best to plan your trip according to the weather forecast.

Carry ID Proofs and Confirm if You Need Official Permits to Visit Certain Places:-

You must carry your ID proof when travelling not just to Himachal but any other place as well. However, you also needed to confirm whether you need official permits to visit specific regions like Spiti Valley that’s near the Indo-China border. To get a pass to visit the region, you need to submit your passport copy, along with three passport-sized pictures and an itinerary of your trip. This will help you attain the necessary document for your trip.

Pre-book Your Campsite, Hotel or Homestay:-

You need to book your hotel, homestay or campsite before packing your bags and heading to the destination. During the peak tourist season, many tourists struggle to find convenient rooms to stay in and even have to pay more than the usual amount to stay in a decent hotel. To avoid such a situation, especially during Christmas, New Year and weekends, you need to pre-book your accommodation.

Carry Your Essentials:-

You need to carry all your essentials when packing your bag. Some important items that you need to carry in your bag are power banks, chargers and torches. These gadgets are helpful to juice up your electronic devices, as well as to provide you visibility during camping or trekking expeditions.

Clothing and Footwear:-

According to the season, you must pack your clothes carefully. You must not forget your woollen clothes like caps, sweaters and socks in the winter season. Even during summer, you need to carry light woollens, as it tends to get a little cold in the summer evenings. Furthermore, you need to carry good trekking shoes with a rubber sole for trekking and camping expeditions. Even if you’re not planning for trekking or camping, you need to carry an extra pair of running or any other comfortable pair of shoes to ensure you walk easily on the rugged terrain of Himachal.

Carry Cash with You:-


When you travel to some remote regions of Himachal, you need to carry cash with you, as these places may not have access to ATMs or GPay facilities. This will save you from any inconvenience due to lack of cash in interior places of this state. And, whenever you go for money exchange in an authorized foreign bank or outlet, you need to ask for receipts during the money changing procedure.

Never Drink and Drive:-

When travelling to Himachal Pradesh, you’ll come across stunning views, as well as difficult stretches of roads. Certain roads in Himachal are listed as India’s most dangerous roads. Therefore, you need to take precautions and avoid drinking while driving. By being a responsible traveller, you can save yourself, as well as those who are travelling with you.

Do Not Litter:-

Do Not Litter

Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful state but many tourist places are seen to be cluttered with a lot of litter. Being a responsible Indian citizen, you need to ensure that you don’t litter and try to keep the place clean. It’s best to carry a separate garbage bag with you and put it in garbage bins only. Plastic bags are banned in Himachal, so don’t bring any plastic bags with you. You can carry jute or other sustainable bags for carrying your food items.

Be Mindful of Local Culture:-

Locals in Himachal are warm and welcoming. But some are very protective of their regional culture, especially when you travel to rural areas. So, it is best to interact with locals to learn about their culture and heritage. This will help you understand them well, as well as avoid intruding or disrespecting their culture in any way.

Carry First Aid Box and Emergency Numbers:-

First Aid Box

You need to pack a first-aid box with you, along with some essential medicines. Also, note down some emergency numbers and share them with your fellow travelers.


By following these travel tips to Himachal Pradesh, you can ensure that you’ll have a safe, convenient and trouble-free journey. If you think some more pointers need to be in this list, do share with us in the comment section below.