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Ways To Become a Responsible Traveller on Your Next Trip in 2021


With billions of travellers visiting different parts of the world, the need to opt for responsible tourism has become essential than ever before. Some issues that often grow as tourism increases are pollution of land and ocean, over-tourism, drought, increases plastic waste, and unethical animal tourism.

Fortunately, by keeping a few things in mind, we can do our bit to make the world a better place while travelling. Here we have put together around some tips to help you become responsible tourism – whether you are planning to book Shimla Manali Tour Package from Chandigarh or travelling to any other part of the world.

1. Shop Local

Shop Local

When it comes to sleeping, eating and buying souvenirs, the way you spend your money has a great impact on the community. If you decide to have dinner in a local restaurant, book accommodation in a homestay or buy a gift item from a street vendor, you are putting your money into the local economy.

This not only helps you have an authentic travel experience but you also help someone improve their local business. On the other hand, if you buy something from a multinational company, it will send your money to big business directors and shareholders. If you support the local community and want to make anyone’s life better, it’s best to shop locally.

2. Think before Coming in Contact with Wildlife 


When travelling to a specific location, you might be tempted to ride on elephants/camels/horses, swimming with dolphins or take pictures with cubs or tigers. However, you need to be careful when interacting or coming in contact with these animals. Irresponsible activities may be harmful to wildlife.

If you want to visit a place that has wild animals, you must contact a registered NGO or community that’s transparent about how they handle animals, as well as their business dealings. Such organizations take proper care of animals and ensure that visitors also don’t harm animals in any way.

3. Respect Local Culture

When travelling to a different place, you’re likely to come across different cultures and religions of locals. When visiting villages or remote regions, you must show respect to the local traditions and customs of the regional people.

In our country, many regions prefer conservative dressing, so try to avoid wearing singlet or shorts that may be inappropriate to the locals.

4. Reduce Your Waste

Waste management is a huge issue in many developing countries. And, travellers often contribute to this issue unknowingly.

But to be a responsible traveller, it’s important to take the necessary steps to minimize and recycle waste to protect the environment. You must say NO to plastic bags from shops. Instead, only put items in a cloth bag or backpack. Also, carry reusable water bottles and refill them from water purifiers available at your hotel or any restaurant you visit.

5. Pick Sustainable Tour Operators and Accommodation

If possible always pick local tour operators or those who follow measures to protect the environment. Such travel agents are likely to help you stay at a sustainable accommodation, as well as train their staff to follow eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

6. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

There are various ways you can reduce your carbon footprint while travelling. The very first way is that instead of booking cabs from getting you from point A to point B, it’s best to use public transportation like buses or autos.

If you don’t have to travel too far, you can walk rather than hopping onto public transport for just one or two stops. Another sustainable way to reduce carbon footprints is by renting a bicycle. It’s not just good for the environment, but also an economical way to travel while maintaining your health.

7. Consider the Bigger Picture While Bargaining

Many people like to bargain to ensure they don’t overspend on their purchase. But you also need to look at the bigger picture while bargaining for a handmade souvenir. Locals put in a lot of effort to make such handcrafted souvenirs and probably don’t have other resources to fund their expenses. So, if you don’t think much about spending money in an expensive hotel or restaurant, don’t try to bully local shopkeepers for a couple of bucks.

8. Don’t Give Money to Beggars

This one is quite difficult, as we all feel heartbroken whenever we see someone begging in the streets. However, you need to remember that begging encourages them to continue asking for money from tourists and locals. This results in more people pretending to be beggars for extorting money from foreigners or other tourists.


You can follow these tips to be a responsible traveller on your next trip in 2021. Always remember that your actions can have a major impact on the world you travel to. So, it’s best to follow positive practices to have a good impact on every place you visit.